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Cinnamon Rolls

This listing of Cinnamon Rolls is available for sale due to temperature issues in transit and are being released by insurance to recoup loss.

The Cinnamon Roll cases were to be shipped frozen and were not placed behind the bulkhead during shipping and were thus refused at the dock.

Cinnamon Rolls:

  • 108 cases of the product.
  • Packaged with 8 rolls per package, 12 per case.
  • Currently, all in the freezer unit.
  • Sample of the product showed no stress from the temperature problem.
  • There are no marking on the individual packages but the case boxes are marked.
  • Total weight of the product is 2570 lbs.  
  • Approx cost of the product, $7000.00.
  • FOB: Billings
Quantity: 108 Cases
  • Currenlty all product is frozen
  • The cases were to be shipped frozen but were not placed behind bulkhead and thus refused.
  • # of Bids: 1
    Original Wholesale Value: $7,000.00
    Product Location: Billings, Montana 59104, United States
    End Time: Mar-26-12 01:00 PM CST
    Time Remaining: closed
    Market Maker: Chris Wise   713-819-6622
    Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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