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220KV Power Electrical Cables, 3 Reels

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ID: 182946123
Quantity: 3 Reels
Condition: Damages : 1) Deep circumferential depressions along the run of the cable in about 20 M of running length, from 109 M to 119 and 381 M to 391 M [Reel Cable Length 507 M]. 2) Deep circumferential depressions along the run of the cable in about 19 M of running length, from 000 M to 004, 257 M to 267 M & 522 M to 527 M [Reel Cable Length 527 M]. 3) Deep circumferential depressions along the run of the cable in about 194 M of running length, from 002 M to 168, 186 M to 203M & 234M to 236 M & 421 M to 430 M [Reel Cable Length 511 M].
# of Bids: 84
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Product Location: Mumbai, 400074, India
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: Tim Nguyen   713-229-9000 x111

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This lot of 220KV Power Electrical Cables was rejected by the consignee after receiving physical damage and must be sold to recover funds for the insurance company.

Cables of 220 KV  XLPE  AR CU  1C 1200MM


220 KV, Copper Conductor, XLPE Insulated, Armoured, HDPF Jacketed Cable.


Specification :


Over all dia            :         114mm.


Weight                  :         30.5 Kgs / M.


Current rating        :         900 amps.


Method of laying  :         Open.


Basic impulse

insulation level     :         1050 KV.


Power frequency

Withstand voltage

For 30 minutes     :         320 KV.


Copper content    :         11.52 Kgs. /M.


Total Copper in   :         17,798.40 Kgs. (17.7984 MT)

All 3 cables


Lead content        :         12.14 Kgs /M.


Total Lead content                  

in All 3 cables      :         18,756.30 Kgs. (18.7563 MT)


Gross weight        :         53,580 Kgs.


Net Weight           :         47,090 Kgs.


This is an Imported HV Power Cables from Germany.


Damage Cable Quantity :


3 Steel Drums, consist of 527 M, 507M & 511 M long each respectively.

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