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Baja Motorsport Bikes - Dirt Bike - Model DR150-XR

This lot of Baja Motorsport Bikes is for sale due to surplus inventory.  Dirt Bikes, Mini Bikes and Sport Utility Quad Bikes are included in this lot.


  • Total Quantity: 934
  • Total Retail Price: $1,214,190.66
  • Types of Bike: Dirt Bike 
  • Model: DR150-XR


  • Model: DR150-XR
    • 4 Stoke
    • 150cc
    • 12.7 Engine
    • 5 Speeds
    • 50 MPH Top Speed
    • Front and Rear Disk Breaks
    • Kick Start
    • Auto Clutch/Shift
    • Telescopic Forks with Mono Shock

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Dirt Bikes are semi assembled (everything assembled except for the front wheel for shipping purposes)


                                               *FOB in Kansas*

                              **All bikes have a 90 day customer warranty**

                         ***SEE PRODUCT SHEET FOR MORE INFORMATION***

            ****Bikes can go anywhere except Canada****

Quantity: 934 Bikes
Condition: According to the seller the bikes are new.
# of Bids: 3
Asking Price: Please log in to view Asking Price.
Retail Value: $1,214,190.66
Product Location: Boynton Beach, Florida 33437, United States
End Time: Nov-21-11 01:00 PM CST
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: Sherise Dickerson   713-229-9000
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

Further Details

Bid History

  Bidder Location Date Amount
1. New Jersey, United States 11/21 12:46 PM $140,100.00
2. Arkansas, United States 11/21 07:22 AM $4,000.00
3. Arkansas, United States 11/16 10:14 AM $2,000.00

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