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Dog & Cat Food

This lot of dog & cat food was rejected by the consignee due to claims of the product being exposed to ants, and is being sold by the insurance company to recover funds.

***Please click on the PDF attachment to view the bill of lading with product breakdown.

  • Total Qty:  1,479 Cases
  • Pallet Count: 36 Pallets
  • Manufacturer: Mars Petcare US, Inc
  • Types Include:
    • Pedigree Adult Dog Food
      • 36 Pallets + 1 Partial Pallet (The opened pallet)
    • Pedigree Small Breed Dog Food
      • 1 Pallet
      • 2 Kg Bags
    • Whiskas Indoor Cat Food
      • 2 Pallets
      • 2.72 Kg Bags
    • The Good Life TGLR Ind. Cat Food
      • 1 Pallet (This is the opened partial pallet)
      • 1.2 Kg Bags (2.7 Lbs)
Quantity: 1479 Cases
Condition: No individual bags of food were found to be opened; however, the photographs taken by the insured clearly shows at least one bag of dog food that had been opened. The 2nd set of photographs, as identified, was taken by the insured. Several of the images clearly show the presence of sugar ants, althought the seller's inspection and sifting through the bags of the opened pallet revealed one lone ant. Please see photos. By requirements of the manufacturer, DO NOT FEED TO CATTLE OR RUMINANTS.

Seller has the right to reject all bids. Buyer responsible for any loading and/or handling fees. Buyer must verify quality & quantity before removing the product from the location.
# of Bids: 41
Claim Value: $31,153.00
Product Location: Cedar Springs , Georgia 39832, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: Dena Florida   713-229-9000 x125
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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