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Mercedes 1991 SEL 560 Car- Owned by Gorbachev

This bullet proof Mercedes, which was owned by Gorbachev, is being sold by the current owner who no longer has use for the vehicle.

  • Year: 1991
  • Make: Mercedes
  • Model: SEL 560
  • Mileage: 126,156
  • Interior: Gray Cloth
  • Features: Manual, Electric Windows, A/C & Heater, Stereo

More Details:

  • Hood, trunk & tires are NOT protected by armor. (Only the passenger compartment is protected)
  • This car was actually registered in Gorbachev's name (usually the government nation assigns a government official/ head of state a car, but not in their name).
    • Seller has a copy of the car's registration showing Gorbachev's name, address, etc on it.
  • Gorbachev's bodyguards told the previous owners that German Chancellor Kohl gave this car as a gift to Gorbachev as a thank you for his role in bringing down the Berlin Wall. There is no way to verify this information though.
  • The model year of the car is 1991, but it was serviced in Germany until 1995 since there wasn't a facility in Moscow until then to service the vehicle (according to the bodyguards).
  • The video attachment is of the previous owner riding it on a farm in 2006. It has only been started a handful of times since then.

***The vehicle's previous owner, Gorbachev's girlfriend, reportedly rejected an offer of $150,000 for this vehicle. She gave the vehicle to the current owner in return for years of professional legal services.

Quantity: 1 Car
Condition: The owner has never driven it, but had it serviced and titled, and the vehicle is now garaged in Silver Spring MD. The title is in the owner's name, and can be transferred to the buyer. Owner is willing to let a serious buyer with an acceptable bid test drive the car. The car was in running condition when given to the current owner. The video attachment is of the previous owner riding it on a farm in 2006. It has only been started a handful of times since then. The owner states that the vehicle just passed Maryland inspection, and drives. Please see photos.

Car keys are at the location with the car. Buyer to contact Rhonda or Jerri, and show them the product release upon pickup.

Seller has the right to reject all bids. Buyer must verify quality before removing from the location.
# of Bids: 15
Asking Price: Please log in to view Asking Price.
Product Location: Silver Spring, Maryland 20850, United States
End Time: Aug-25-11 01:00 PM CST
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: Dena Florida   713-229-9000 x125
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

Further Details

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