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Cold Rolled Steel Wire Rod Coils 5.5, 4, and 7 mm.

This lot of cold rolled steel wire rod coils was abandoned at the locatoin and must be sold to clear up storage space.

  • Approx. Total Weight: 300,000 Lbs.
  • Approx. Wt./Coil: 4,550 Lbs.
  • Qty.: 66 Wire Rod Coils
  • Quality: SAE 1008
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Truckload: 10 coils per load, Wt.: 45,500
  • Country of Origin: China

    Approximate Coil Sizes:
    *40 Coils - 5.5 mm
    *20 Coils - 4 mm
    *6 Coils - 7 mm
  • Quantity: 66 Coils
    Condition: These coils have been stored outdoors and exposed to weather damage including rust, a small % out of round and some sprung coils.
    # of Bids: 11
    Product Location: Tampa, Florida 33605, United States
    End Time: Aug-05-08 01:00 PM CST
    Time Remaining: closed
    Market Maker: Dena Florida   713-229-9000 x125
    Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

    Further Details

  • Buyer is responsible for load out charges ($5.00/ton or $2,000 Lbs - Approx. $750.00) These coils can be loaded into containers for export for an additional charge.
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