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PACECO Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes for sale in an asset liquidation sale. These cranes will be replaced in June and they need to sell these to in an asset recovery sale. The following data and specifications apply to the subject crane
  • Manufacturer: PACECO, INC.
  • Year placed in service - 1975
  • Location: Berths 174- 176, Port of Los Angeles, Wilmington, California
  • Manufacturer' s serial number: 7 1 3
  • Rated capacity: 40 long tons (89,600 pounds)
  • Crane operating speeds:
  • Main Hoist: Full load - 1 10 fpm.
  • Empty - 150 fpm.
  • Trolley: 400 fpm.
  • Boom: Raise of lower - five minutes
  • Gantry: 100 fpm. (Eight wheels per comer)
  • Clear lift height above dock (Maximum under spreader beam to dock level: 78 feet
  • Crane overall height, boom raised:
  • Outreach fiom dock face (including fender): 1 1 0 feet
  • Water side rail setback: 8 feet'
  • Crane rail gage: 50 feet
  • Backreach: 40 feet
  • Overall width: 88'
  • Clearance between legs: 45 feet
  • Power Supply: The crane is supplied power through conductor rails installed in a trench below dock level, waterside. The trench is covered with steel plates. The crane receives power via a crane mounted cover plow and conductor rail contactor system. Ref Photos # 2,3 & 4
  • Electrical Drives: G.E. Max Speed (S-2 1) drives

    Note: This crane was originally designed for a 2400 volt system. A step-down transformer has been added to feed 2400 volt secondary power to crane. Ref Photos #5&6.
  • Quantity: 2 Units
    Condition: They are currently in service until replaced by new ones. Please let us know if you want to view them.
    # of Bids: 1
    Product Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
    End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
    Time Remaining: closed
    Market Maker: Tim Nguyen   713-229-9000 x111
    Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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