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750 GPM Peerless Pump

This pump must be sold in order to recover funds for the insurance company.

  • 750 gpm Pump Peerless F21240AM, 2685586, 3115024, 286T

    Model Reference PU7 PM0750CMMCEN NA
    Model Size and Rating 750 gpm
    Bill of Material Reference Number B0110102A
    Performance Data
    Design Rating 750 gpm
    Rating 1 GPM 750 gpm
    Rating 1 Feet HD 102 gpm
    Rating 2 GPM 600 gpm
    Rating 2 Feet HD 108 gpm
    Rating 3 GPM 900 gpm
    Rating 3 Feet HD 91.9 gpm
    Curve 3115024
    Impeller Type 2685586
    Impeller Diameter 11 in
    Design DB
    Style M
    Type Enclosed
    Size 4in x 6in
    Series Frame Mounted
    Suction Lift 9.5 ft NPSH
    Electrical Requirements Electric 30Hp
    Electrical Classification Class I, Div. II Group C&D (NEMA 7 Panels)
    Circuit Breaker Square D FAL34080 80 Amps
    Transformer Square D 9070K150D1
    Motor Hp 30hp
    Motor RPM 1760 rpm
    Motor Amps 38 amp
    Motor Frame 286T
    Motor Overload Square D LR2D3355
    Motor Starter Square D LC1D4011T6
    Motor Relay T3C
    Additional Information
    Cabling 4/4
    Water connection in and out 6in
    Physical Characteristics
    Length 61 in
    Width 20 in
    Height 48 in
    Gross Weight 1040 lbs
    Net Weight 1040 lbs
  • Quantity: 1 Pump
    Condition: This pump fell off the back of the truck, and sustained physical damages.
    # of Bids: 0
    Product Location: Hopedale, Massachusetts, United States
    End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
    Time Remaining: closed
    Market Maker: Tim Nguyen   713-229-9000 x111
    Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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