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Health Food Products

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Active Auctions (2)Motivated SellerMotivated Seller

    Item  Qty  Location  Industry  End Date  Item # 
Motivated Seller Glycine Amino Acetic Acid (6 bids)
Category:  Acids
36376.28 Lbs Los Angeles, California USA Asset Recovery (Corporate Surplus) Oct-23-14 01:00 PM CST 182958508
  Purified Drinking Water - 1,380 Cases (0 bids)
Category:  Beverage Products Retail Pack
1380 Cases Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA Reseller Oct-23-14 01:00 PM CST 182958803

Surplus Inventory (8)Motivated SellerMotivated Seller

    Item  Qty  Location  Industry  End Date  Item # 
Motivated Seller Flax Seed, Cold Milled Organic (15 Oz) (1 bids)
Category:  Health Food Products
2000 Cases Bridgeport, Connecticut USA Transportation SURPLUS INVENTORY 182958076
  Pistachios - Unsalted Green Light Roasted (3 bids)
Category:  Nuts, Dried Fruits & Seeds
1000 Kg Sorgues, International Insurance SURPLUS INVENTORY 182958718
  Niagara Water 0.5 ltr. Full Truckload (5 bids)
Category:  Beverage Products Retail Pack
1596 Cases Portland, Oregon USA Reseller SURPLUS INVENTORY 182958608
  Alley Cat Tea - Fruit Tea - 12oz bottles (3 bids)
Category:  Beverage Products Retail Pack
503 Cases Nashville, Tennessee USA Transportation SURPLUS INVENTORY 182958516
  Rockin’ola Granola with Yogurt Drops (1 bids)
Category:  Cereal & Grains
521 Cases Summit Argo, Illinois USA Reseller SURPLUS INVENTORY 182958366
  Tasters Choice Coffee (Quick Sale) (1 bids)
Category:  Coffee & Tea
150 Cases Elizabeth, New Jersey USA Reseller SURPLUS INVENTORY 182958298
  Coffee and Tea - Serenigy Global Brand (0 bids)
Category:  Coffee & Tea
1441 Cases San Salvador, International Transportation SURPLUS INVENTORY 182957019
  Frozen Guacamole (0 bids)
Category:  Frozen Goods Commercial Pack
112 Pieces Newfield , New Jersey USA Transportation SURPLUS INVENTORY 182954352