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Item  Qty  Location  End Date  Item # 
12" Smooth Lap Siding (1,600 Pcs) 1600 Pcs Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 182981898
8" Pine Siding 348 Pcs Fontana, California USA BID ASAP 182942170
Cedar Impressions Double 7" Sidings By CertainTeed (1,000 Square Feet) 1000 Sq Feet Plymouth, Indiana USA BID ASAP 182971088
Cedar Siding Lumber -- 1'x6' boards (total 4,270 board-feet) 4270 board-feet Chino, California USA Feb-20-13 10:00 AM CST 182950671
Cement Siding Smooth B Grade 550 Sheets Durham, North Carolina USA BID ASAP 182964759
Fiber Cement Siding (1 Truck Load) 2300 Pieces Birmingham, Alabama USA BID ASAP 182949201
Fiber Cement Siding (12" - 5 Truck Loads) 11500 Pieces Birmingham, Alabama USA BID ASAP 182949206
Fiber Cement Siding (4 Truck Loads) 9200 Pieces Birmingham, Alabama USA BID ASAP 182947906
Floor Trims; Stairnose, T-Molding, Redicer, Endcap, Scotia and Quarter Round 480 Boxes Riverside, California USA BID ASAP 182978615
Hardie Siding 3500 Planks Baker , Louisiana USA BID ASAP 182963591
Hardie Siding #2 Smooth (500 Sheets) 500 Sheets Raleigh, North Carolina USA BID ASAP 182968565
Hardie Siding 5.25" x 12ft #2 Smooth (3500 Planks) 3500 Planks Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 182964684
Home Building Materials- Siding, Soffit, Shutters, J Channel, Vents, F Channel, Mounts etc.... 1 Lot Galena, Kansas USA BID ASAP 182939157
Maxi Tile Cement Siding Smooth B Grade 550 Sheets Durham, North Carolina USA BID ASAP 182967713
Nailite Exterior Cladding 100000 Sq.Ft. St-Christophe d'Arthabaska, International BID ASAP 182941958
OSB Siding 160 Pieces Anchorage, Alaska USA BID ASAP 182941649
Pine Bevel Siding - KD Unprimed 790722 Linear Feet Tacoma, Washington USA BID ASAP 182940524
Prime Pine Base Shoe, wm #129 fj, 7/16"X11/16"x16ft, 120,000ft Total 120000 Ft Hemet, California USA BID ASAP 182982708
Ramin and Assorted Wood 135000 liner ft Los Angeles, California USA BID ASAP 182957052
Spruce Pine Fir Lap Siding 1 Lot Walton, New York USA BID ASAP 182957010
Page 1 of 1 (20 records) 1