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Item  Qty  Location  End Date  Item # 
Renault Diesel Short Engines (273 Total) 273 Engines Bermingham, International BID ASAP 182931861
Retail Shelving 1 41818 Blakenham, Suffolk, International BID ASAP 182931865
Reverse Osmosis Plants 1 Plant suffolk, International BID ASAP 182932927
Rigsafe Compressor 900 CFM 1 Unit London, International BID ASAP 182954618
Rigsafe Compressors 1060 cfm 3 Compressors London, International BID ASAP 182953184
Rolls Royce Olympus B Gas Engines 6 Engines Birmingham, International BID ASAP 182932515
Rolls Royce Power Turbine Spare Parts 1 Lot Aberdeen, International BID ASAP 182957033
Round Bar & Equal Angle 32 Bundles East Yorkshire, International Jan-20-12 11:00 AM CST 182945949
Ruston TB5000 Nomad Mobile Gensets (3.5Kw) 2 Gen Sets Lincoln, International Jun-26-13 01:00 PM CST 182952362
Sanitary Ware 33 Pallets Northampton, International CST 182938553
Sauce, Cooking (Tomato & Garlic) 20320 Cases Derbyshire, International CST 182939092
Scrap Oilfield Materials 0 Aberdeen, International CST 182939401
Searay Sundancer 460 1 Searay Sundancer North Wales, International BID ASAP 182943461
Security Safe 1 Unit Sunbury on Thames, International BID ASAP 182941394
Sencys LED Lamps & Eco Bulbs 95000 units Brussels, International BID ASAP 182954906
Shaker Screens - DERRICK V100 PMD DX API 100 SCREENS 65 Screens Aberdeen, International BID ASAP 182946055
Shaker Screens for Drilling Waste Companies 126 Units Aberdeen, International BID ASAP 182958169
Shaker Screens for Shale Separation 126 Shaker Screens Westhill, International BID ASAP 182948353
Shell Gabon Surplus 1 Lot Aberdeen, International CST 182964861
Shopfittings 4 Containers Suffolk, International BID ASAP 182932974
Shotcrete Pumps (3 Units) 3 Pumps London , BID ASAP 182963930
Single Beds - Used at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games 5000 Single Beds Nottingham, International BID ASAP 182950152
Skimmed Milk Powder (2,211 Lbs) 2211 Lbs Eupen, International Jul-11-13 02:00 PM CST 182952583
Solar Panels PV Modules 72 Cells MP 300 P 1760 Units Brussels, International BID ASAP 182961178
Soup Base Powder ''Honig'' brand 32976 units Brussels, BID ASAP 182954903
Soup Powder 32976 Units Brussels, International BID ASAP 182954361
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