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Item  Qty  Location  End Date  Item # 
Boxes, 32 Pallets 32 Pallets Indianapolis, Indiana USA Jul-18-11 01:00 PM CST 182943228
Carboard Boxes 2708 Boxes Tallahassee, Florida USA Nov-09-09 01:00 PM CST 182938530
Cardboard Boxes 37500 Boxes Vernon, California USA BID ASAP 182949355
Cardboard Boxes - 17 Pallets 10500 Units Denmark, Wisconsin USA BID ASAP 182958737
Cardboard Boxes. Sold 3 TLs New Haven, Indiana USA BID ASAP 182941530
Cardboard Display Boxes 14.25" X 14.25" x 6.25" (10 Pallets) 6000 Units Denver, Colorado USA BID ASAP 182962149
Cardboard Rolls 44000 Lbs Waxahachie, Texas USA May-25-10 01:00 PM CST 182940092
Cardboard Sheets 1 Lot Denver, Colorado USA BID ASAP 182938050
Chipboard 40x52 .040pt-2,000 Sheets 2000 Sheets Amarillo, Texas USA BID ASAP 182958123
CNK Poly Heat Seal Board 906312 Pounds Norfolk, Virginia USA Jul-12-13 02:00 PM CST 182952601
Coated Duplex - Grey Back 6 Containers (FCL) Port of Alexandria, International Mar-16-12 01:00 PM CST 182946170
Corrugated Shipping Boxes (Cartons) 24,000 24000 Shipping Boxes Green Bay, Wisconsin USA Feb-09-10 01:00 PM CST 182939171
Corrugated Shipping Boxes (Cartons) 24,000 24000 Shipping Boxes Green Bay, Wisconsin USA BID ASAP 182939274
Cylinder Cardboard Cores 480 Units Portage, Wisconsin USA BID ASAP 182956172
Display Board 20" X 30" 3mm Thickness (22,000 Units) 22000 Display Board Linden, New Jersey USA BID ASAP 182958459
Empty Banana Boxes, for Tom Hayes 0 New Haven, Indiana USA Nov-24-09 01:00 PM CST 182938704
Folding Box Board and Cardboard 45052 Pounds St. Petersburg , International BID ASAP 182943847
Gaylord Boxes - Octagon / Qty 500 500 Gaylords Chicago, Illinois USA BID ASAP 182957272
KD Cardboard (1,100 Bundles) 1 Lot Edison, New Jersey USA BID ASAP 182942447
Octagonal Boxes, EVAL 1600 Boxes , CST 182940265
Pizza Boxes 5 Pallets Atlanta, Georgia USA Sep-07-06 01:00 PM CST 182933466
Page 1 of 1 (21 records) 1