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Item  Qty  Location  End Date  Item # 
Mirrlees Generator Unit G-17 & Auxiliaries 1 Unit Grand Cayman , International BID ASAP 182946120
Modular Precast Concrete Ramp & Loading Dock System 1 Redi Dock Indianapolis, Indiana USA BID ASAP 182946823
Molding Mill Equipment (on 12 Acres) - Forklifts, Chippers, Saws, Hoists, etc 1 Lot Snowflake, Arizona USA BID ASAP 182954641
MV Unit- UPS Panel and Container 1 MV Unit Karbala, International BID ASAP 182949773
Nonwoven Plant, Sweden 1 Plant Norrkoping, International BID ASAP 182936363
Nuclear Power Plant 1 , CST 182933100
Oil Palm Plantation 70000 acres , CST 182934549
Oilfield Reclaim & Concentrator Unit 1 Oilfield Unit Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 182946067
Paint Booth, Commercial 1 Complete Booth Garden City, Kansas USA BID ASAP 182931985
Pallet Racking System 427 Pieces Belmont, North Carolina USA BID ASAP 182939934
Palletizer-SPLX-MKII (Qty 1) 1 Palletizer Olmsted Falls, Ohio USA BID ASAP 182944359
Parpas Milling Machine 1 Unit Cypress, Texas USA BID ASAP 182936772
Pellet Storage Silos (4) 4 Silos Point Lisas, International BID ASAP 182941269
Plant Assets , CST 182935171
Plant Decomissioning , CST 182935170
Polyfiber Bag Factory Surplus 1 Lot , International CST 182946898
Polystyrene Pilot Plant 1 Lot Deer Park, Texas USA BID ASAP 182952496
Power Plant Equipment 1 Plant St. Marys, Ohio USA BID ASAP 182958435
Power Plant Items, Scrap 495 MT Mumbai, International BID ASAP 182951376
Power Station (4 x 250MW) 1 Unit Huntly, International BID ASAP 182956180
Page 5 of 5 (119 records)<< 1  2  3  4  5